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Franchised Operations

We have been working with franchise owners for many years and have considerable experience helping owners to establish a profitable business and maintain it as a successful enterprise.

A Franchise can be a very lucrative business strategy, however, the type of businesses where franchising is common practice, such as the restaurant trade for example, tend to be ones involving long hours and lots of hard work.

Our services include:

  • Personal tax advice
  • Preparation of your self-assessment tax return
  • Advice on self-employment
  • Advice on allowable expenses and capital allowances
  • Advice on National Insurance
  • Advice on accounting software
  • Bespoke financial review
  • Purchase and Sales of a business
  • Advice on business growth and strategic planning
  • Financial management of single/ multiple units
  • Tax negotiation with HMRC
  • Advice on planning your long term business exit strategy and succession planning
  • Inheritance Tax planning

We have developed a specialised book-keeping package for franchisees which includes:

  • Double-entry book keeping
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Credit ledger
  • Debtors ledger
  • All other control accounts

For VAT registered franchisees we can also offer:

  • Completion of your regular VAT returns
  • Negotiations with HMRC to reduce your VAT assessment
  • Where appropriate, assisting your cash flow by negotiating a payment plan

We also offer a payroll package which includes:

  • Production of pay slips
  • Tax Office Registration
  • Calculation of tax and National Insurance Liabilities
  • Compliance with statutory sick pay, maternity pay regulations
  • Employer Compliance Issues, such as P11D Returns of Benefit in Kind
  • Submission of Annual P60/P14 to HMRC

If you are a franchisee and you need help with some or all of these services then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Next Step:

Please contact us if you need further advice or have any questions about our services.

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