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Guest Blog Post: The Locum Passport

The Locum Passport – join agencies for the benefit of your practice.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a locum that realises the importance of a good network around you. From financial matters to ethical dilemmas, you’ve created connections with businesses and people alike, that are able to support and add value to your practice.

Like your accountant, your agency has an important part to play in making the locum lifestyle an attractive career path so it’s important that they have your best interests in mind, provide you with a great service and offer you the best value for money. In the case of an accountant, this means choosing the best one who is able to offer you all the services required.

Choosing an agency based on your ideal characteristics; being able to offer the best rate and role in any hospital in the U.K would likely be a difficult task because no such agency exists or likely ever will. This is because the NHS is a champion of competition (reducing the likelihood of a monopoly supplier of key services) and to achieve this in the locum recruitment sphere, the NHS has divided its requirements between hundreds of agencies in the U.K.

While great for the NHS, it’s a bit of a headache for locums. Technically, you still have access to all the opportunities available, you just need to sign up for each agency one by one. For some reason, though evidence shows us that 78% of locums are registered to two or fewer agencies, which is surprising as unlike an accountant, making use of an agencies services is free. Could it perhaps be the sheer time burden of joining more agencies? When you think of the amount of time it takes to join an agency and the possibility that they may not provide you with a better rate, it’s easy to see why many locums are content with relying on a couple of agencies.

If you could reduce the time taken to join agencies then it would remove a key barrier to truly having the best choice of rates and roles. The three biggest time consumers of joining are uploading your documents, maintaining them and of course, the dreaded mandatory training. It’s dreaded because agencies don’t allow you to share their mandatory training so joining 4 agencies means the same training 4 times.

Transferrable mandatory training would definitely help and with the Locum Passport, sharing your training is encouraged. The Locum Passport team looked at the most time-consuming tasks of joining an agency and we decided to create a much easier process starting with affordable, framework approved transferrable training. Not content with just solving part of the problem, we helped hundreds of locums organise their documents to reduce the time taken to join agencies and remain fit to work.

We noticed a pattern between agencies and documentation requirements and combined this with our experience to create the Locum Passport app, the first app designed to upload, store, maintain and transfer your compliance documentation. It’s a great alternative for those of us who prefer a capture and forget type of service where you upload everything once and are alerted when your action is required. With the Locum Passport, you remain in control of your documents and you can use them how you see fit. Whether you’d like to use the app as a gateway to new agencies or simply as your own personal vault, the Locum Passport is designed to help you, the locum.

You can check out the Locum Passport by following the links:

Play Store (Android) –

App Store (iOS) –

As proud partners of RA accountants, we are extremely pleased to offer the first 10 readers a complimentary pro membership to the Locum Passport. Simply email with your name and we’ll get you set up. Visit us at for more information on organising your agency documents either with or without the locum passport app.


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